Lisboa Vista do Tejo

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Throughout its 16 years of operation in Lisbon, the Lisboa Vista do Tejo, better known as the LVT, has hosted countless events in the luxury segment.

It has a capacity for 300 passengers over its two floors. Large panoramic windows allow our guests to appreciate the many particularities of Lisbon and the scenery offered by the river.

The ship has air conditioning, built-in sound and video systems, a disabled toilet, a cloakroom and a kitchen. It incorporates a large, excellently equipped kitchen, allowing our hotel department to provide our guests with a quality F&B service.

The main hall comfortably seats 150 guests at a meal. The room has stage space for shows.

The Lisboa lounge bar is located aft of the ship and seats 50 guests.

The upper deck accommodates 100 guests for cocktails. It also has air conditioning and panoramic windows. The toilets are on the lower deck, forward of the ship.

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