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Covid-19 Prevention Measures


When boarding, everyone must pass through the disinfection corridor which consists of:

  • Side bays with verges and cords
  • Alcohol gel/hand sanitizer holder.
  • 2 mats with the "Blue Cruises" logo. The smaller mat (disinfection mat), soaked in disinfectant, which must be replaced periodically with the diffuser. The larger mat is for cleaning and drying shoes.
  • Use of protective masks

In addition to wearing a mask, passengers must observe one of the points described below, in order to be able to embark on the New Year cruise:

  • Self-test performed at the sight
  • Proof of PCR test 72 hours in advance
  • Proof of rapid antigen test 48 hours in advance.

On deck and in the open areas of the ship

It is not compulsory to wear a mask. However, it is necessary to observe social distancing, according to current Health regulations, meaning that groups of up to 10 people, families and acquaintances, may be in an area that should be 2 metres away from another similar area.

Entrance to the ship’s interior lounges and access corridors to the washrooms.

The covered areas of the ship require the compulsory use of masks for ALL users.

Use of the toilets will be controlled by the crew members on duty there.

Before entering the toilet area / access corridor, passengers must wash their hands with alcohol gel.

No objects may be taken into the toilets.

Toilets are individual

Only one passenger at a time may enter the corridor to the toilets. Passengers are not allowed to cross paths in the corridor.

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