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Family, friends, socializing with or without a meal

In the mood to join the cousins ​​on a different and special day? Come sail with us, choose lunch, dinner or picnic, with a party late into the night, what do you fancy? Navigate the Tagus and feel the breeze on your face while you see your dearest relatives.
Spend a different afternoon with your grandparents, with Lisbon and the Tagus in the background, playing with Pirates and Corsairs, with a sheltered space for the colder ones, and nooks worthy of a rocking storybook! Little food the boys like, no tantrums, just smiles 😉
Spend a different afternoon, with family or friends, picnic on board, alone or with other guests, bring your basket and we will sail to the perfect setting, together along this calm Tagus, with Lisbon at your feet, on a well spent afternoon.
Looking for that different space for your kids' friends to jump and play on the birthday of your greatest treasure? Jump non-stop on a huge sailboat, where treasure can be hidden where you least expect it! An unforgettable afternoon for the little ones and relaxing for the parents who can see t...
Gather your closest friends and come sail, laugh and dance, with the gentle rocking of the Tagus and the breeze on your face! Lunch, snack or dinner, join dancing, with a DJ or instrumentalist, jazz or fado, your choice. Celebrate not just another year, but LIFE with those you love the most. And abo...
Missing that group of friends, but no space to receive them? Sail our river with friends or family! Choose what you like best to comfort your guests: Muscat with Pastel de Nata, Picnic, Barbecue, Sushi, Cheese, Ham and wine, at your choice to mark the occasion. Add ambient or live music to liven up ...
He doesn't know what to do on the weekend and would like to be by the river with his family, relaxed and having fun. Embark on this adventure and spend an afternoon in communion with nature and where the little ones can walk freely in safety.
Show your grandchildren the Tagus and the capital from the river to your grandchildren, while you tell them your stories and their history, on board a ship that could be pirates and privateers, in our colorful imagination, of course! Be a hero for a day or for them for a lifetime…
Have you ever seen the sunset over the sea from a boat? It's an experience to have at least once in a lifetime! Awaken all five senses on a sailing or ship ride, with the golden sun reflecting off the perpetual blue until the last ray of light. Enjoy a Setúbal muscatel and enjoy a custard tart ...
What if on a sunny afternoon, on board a ship, he finally found his better half? Come sail on the sweet Tagus and enjoy a unique setting, an uncompromised socializing, having fun, with the most beautiful view and who knows….find love!
Come celebrate the sweetest day of the year: Kiss Day! Bring your better half and feel the breeze in your hair in the wind, sail on the gentle Tagus, gently waving, feel the love that is in the air.

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