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Corporate & Team building

Get excited with your team in a race on the river between our boats. Tighten the ties and loosen the bonds of stress. Have fun on a day outdoors.
Make a different team building and take home the art of seamanship learned. Get to know the different knots, and what they are for, you never know when it will be missed!
Bring your team and join ours for a day. Feel what it's like to be a sailor and crew member of a vessel. Let's sail together and take the helm of the team.
Climb aboard and embark on a wine tasting with a sommelier, getting to know better the varieties and wine regions and characteristics of the various types of national wines. Enjoy the moment and the good company of the elements you chose to win in the market!
Join the team in a fun activity in which they learn to mix cocktails with a professional and add color to the meeting in relaxed moments, giving free rein to each one's creativity, making themselves known a little more.
Like a pedi paper, you'll have several challenges to overcome, always working in teams! Discover tracks on the sidelines and on board so that teams can enjoy healthy competition!
Enjoy the light of the Tagus River and Lisbon, and enjoy its natural environment as a backdrop, to launch your company's brand and products, at an event on board a ship or sailboat, to record in the memory and annals of the history of your company.
Give your team a new lease of life on a walk along the Tagus River, taking the opportunity to present the company's goals and results, in an event that is more crowded, different and more relaxed, in an event to create bonds between the team and to remember.
Set sail across the river at the company party, on a regular basis or once a year, choose the style that suits you best: lunch, snack, dinner with or without a subsequent party. Invite your team to surf and above all: have fun!
Looking for new scenarios for photo shoots? And on board a ship and a sailboat and a Tall Ship, have you ever thought? Climb aboard and set sail into the sunset. Get unique photos, with the light of Lisbon reflected by the Tagus, making the chosen models shine even more, for a production of excellen...

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