Príncipe Perfeito

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The Príncipe Perfeito is a 3-mast sailboat that can comfortably accommodate 200 guests. Purposely rebuilt for the national tourism market, it is the tourist sailing boat with the highest passenger capacity to sail in Europe. Weapon in Lugre, the name given to ships with 3 or more square lateen sail masts.

With a Portuguese and Swedish engineering project, the Príncipe Perfeito is characterized by being a practical sailboat on the outside and comfortable on the inside, allowing for a wide variety of events.

Together with your group or company, we organize any type of event on board the Príncipe Perfeito. Among others, a work meeting, a presentation, a cocktail or even a dance party, are events that we can provide.

The Príncipe Perfeito is berthed at the Alcântra Dock, Cais da Rocha Conde de Óbidos, North.

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